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Cheap Building Inspections

Good building inspections and reports are done by committed people

I often receive calls from potential clients asking for quotes on building inspections. It amazes me that people are in the process of making one of the biggest investments of their life, but then shop around and settle for the cheapest building inspector they can find.

When it comes to quality building inspections, it’s often a matter of ‘you get what you pay for’.

Poor building inspections will lead to a Re-inspection

Recently I carried out a ‘re-inspection’ for an elderly lady. She had purchased her home in good faith a few months earlier on the basis of a building inspection that claimed the house had no defects. The inspector had provided a one page report on the property.

The building inspector failed to note that a floor joist had been cut to allow the waste from the shower to be plumbed in, resulting in a floor that was not structurally sound, a cracked shower base and rotting timber flooring.

He also failed to note that every aluminium framed window in the house was damaged and required replacing. There were also numerous other defects he failed to note. My report outlining the extensive defects found and repairs required was 30 pages long. This gives you an idea what the difference between a solid property inspection and a superficial inspection is.

The lady wished that she had contacted me in the first place – which would have saved her thousands of dollars and a huge amount of stress.

For a start, the person who did the initial building inspection had no insurance, so the client was unable to recoup the loss.

If you are looking for a quality building inspection, possibly on the biggest property investment of your life, make sure the inspector is an Accredited Building Practitioner, has appropriate experience, the right qualifications and professional indemnity insurance.

It may be cost little more in the short term, but who wants to end up with a lemon?
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