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On-Site Wastewater

Hobart Building Assessment Services are accredited on-site wastewater consultants, servicing southern and east coast Tasmania

Do you have a failing on-site wastewater system? Are you extending your home and adding additional bedrooms or bathroom?

Your Council will require a wastewater consultant to evalute your land for capability of sustainably accepting additional wastewater loads. You may also require a new wastewater system design.

Are you looking to build or develop land in an un-sewered area?

Soil Evaluation Report

At the Development Application stage, your Council will require you to provide a Site and Soil Evaluation Report to ensure that the land you wish to build on is capable of sustainably accepting domestic on-site wastewater.

Wastewater System Design

At the Building Application stage, your Council will require you to provide a wastewater system design that is suitable and capable of disposing of domestic on-site wastewater in a sustainable manner.

We provide Site and Soil Evaluation Reports for residential, subdivision or commercial development to the required Australian Standard AS1547:2012 (On-Site Domestic Wastewater Management).

We also provide on-domestic site wastewater designs that meet the criteria set out in AS1547:2012 and the National Plumbing Code AS3500.

Failing Wastewater System?

If you have a failing wastewater system, your Council will also require a Site and Soil Evaluation Report prior to any new wastewater system, trench or irrigation area being installed or constructed.

Systems include:

  • Septic tanks
  • Aerated wastewater treatment systems
  • Alternative treatment systems
  • Greywater treatment systems
  • Composting toilets

Your land will usually dictate what type of land application system is required to allow your domestic on-site wastewater to be be sustainably disposed of.

The most common land application systems are:

  • Absorption trenches
  • Absorption beds
  • Evapo-transpiration-assisted/absorption trenches/beds
  • Mounds
  • Sub-surface irrigation areas
  • Surface irrigation areas

We are accredited to carry out Site and Soil Evaluation Reports and Domestic On-Site Wastewater to the requirements of AS1547:2012.

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